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Hello and Welcome!

This is a small web page to tell you something about myself.




Current Motto:
Onward- through the fog! ...

with justice and comfort and respect for all
(also I suppose super-dark chocolate makes up for a lot...)


First, me:





Some Interests:

I have many interests, including:

  • Music - listening, playing and collecting, including jazz, ambient, classical and electronic.
  • Movies
  • Travel and adventure
    (I am well traveled and am always looking for
    interesting places, people to meet and things to do.
    And of course the perfect travel partner is a bonus...
    (look here)
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Literature
  • My backyard pond w/ Lotus, Lilies, and small waterfall. Now that its spring, lots to do...
  • Taking classes at the local colleges for fun and improvement.
    (always onward! through the fog!)
  • Language?:

Pond Pictures:

...from the old house...


The bubbling rock out front....
The pond out back with the waterfall ...
water lily and blooming hawthorn

Early times at the new house... just getting into spring.

Honeysuckle and Asian water bowl in progress..

More of the pond... Needs the other flowers to come out...

a nice cactus flower already..

Some of My Sports

  • My latest brand new sport to try: sculling (rowing) on Town lake! woo hoo with Texas Rowing Center
  • Dancing - I love swing and jitterbug style dancing...
    when I have a partner...
  • Soccer
  • Rollerblading
  • Martial arts (kungfu, TaiChi, jujitsu)
  • Racquetball, Tennis, Handball
  • Running and walking
  • All kinds of water activities, including
    scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing (not vey well...),
    swimming and sailing my hobie, and now, rowing
  • Riding motorcycles and bicycles
  • Weightlifting
  • I work to stay strong and supple by going to the gym several times a week, running and practicing tai-chi. (I have a small gym in my home.)

...Sailing- up on one!

Ummmmm Diving...

Where does my time go?

Some Ancient History

I enjoy travel


Send me email addressed to : robelewi (AT)



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